Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween may be scary but some would say it is nothing compared with getting a divorce. Although, getting divorced may seem nightmarish it often does not have to be. A good lawyer may not be able to get you everything you want but should be able to guide you through the system with a minimal amount of surprises.

In a scary movie it is the anticipation of what will happen in the future that scares you. Rarely is the monster as scary as the anticipation. It is a common trick of film makers to hide the identity of the killer until the end of the movie. This helps preserve the suspense.

In the practice of law it is best to try and limit the amount of anticipation and suspense. A lawyer can't necessarily predict what a judge will do. He should be able to explain the options the judge has and explain the factors the court will consider.

Not everyone celebrates Halloween but if your family does than remember that when writing a parenting agreement. Trick or Treating is usually only for a couple of hours and only up to a certain age. Thus, it may not be necessary to address with older children. Parents can also agree to share Halloween and have one parent go trick or treating with the children and the other hand out candy. As with anything written into a parenting agreement it is best to put the needs of the children first.

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