Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

It may seem odd that a family law attorney is writing about Valentine's Day. After all a divorce case has far more to do with dollars and cents than hearts and cupids. In part that is because courts are very good at dividing money and not so good at issues of the heart.

A divorce is stressful and can have a substantial and real emotional impact. What happens in the court is not going to resolve emotional issues. It is alright to seek counseling or speak with a Minister, Priest or Rabbi about healing the soul. Often people are surprised when the divorce is complete that they are still not done emotionally.

When children are involved some issues may not be resolved until the children are done with college. My father's old business partner use to say, "It's not over until the youngest grandchild has finished college.". That being said you can divorce your spouse but not your children. Children need to know that they are loved and secure. That both parents will always love them and care for them.

That being said I want to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day. I hope everyone is loved. I hope everyone has someone to love.

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